Are there any reasons why K. Rool cannot be included? I thought there were some characters Nintendo couldn’t use anymore since Rare was bought by Microsoft and basically ruined them (the Kremlings are in the 3DS SmashRun - could K Rool be a 3DS-only character since Microsoft allows some characters to be used there since they are Xbox only and the handheld market doesn’t compete with them?). I am up for any Donkey Kong characters to be added to the Smash lineup, I’m just happy to see new fans of Donkey Kong, especially kids picking up the most recent two games. What Nintendo should do is either put the DKC Rare games back on the virtual console or re-release them in an anniversary compilation like Kirby Dream Collection or Super Mario All-Stars Anniversary, because its travesty you have to be a “retrogamer” to play the original trilogy or 64. 

Nintendo owns literally every single Donkey Kong character. The Kremlings have shown up plenty of times in post-Rare games. 

Also Microsoft has Windows Phone now to compete with portables.


Greymon is the only Digimon I will ever draw.  He is pretty neat and has a transparent bg to make your blog look fancy.